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Bellsburn motor services

BELLSBURN motor services
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Services & Repair

Bellsburn Motor Services Bellsburn Motor have extensive knowledge of motor vehicle repair and servicing for all makes of cars and light commercial vehicles. We always use good quality parts for this work. We provide a pickup and return service for our customers.

We offer a ‘local’ breakdown service, though the definition of local has been stretched from Perth, to Gretna! Recovery vehicles are fully equipped for roadside repair, when this is not possible we can recover the vehicle and transport it's occupants to a suitable location.

We have a sister company who provide estimates and all types of bodywork repairs. All repairs are carried out to the highest standard.

Finally, if your problem is electrical, make use of our qualified auto electrician.

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Save Money by Driving Economically

The least economical way of driving a car is to use full throttle constantly and rev the engine to its’ maximum speed in every gear. Gentler use of the accelerator means more economical driving. It is still possible to make good progress even if you never depress more than half of the accelerator pedal. You will simply take slightly longer to reach your intended cruising speed.

When a car is travelling at a constant speed along a level road, most of the power of the engine is used to overcome aerodynamic resistance. Cars with more aerodynamic shapes can therefore cruise with less fuel. There isn't much you can do about the shape of your car, but the same effect means that open windows or sunroofs; which create aerodynamic drag; will also make the car less economical. So will anything that uses extra power, lights, windscreen wipers, air-conditioning, audio systems and heated rear windows all require power to varying degrees. All affect fuel economy, which is why they are switched off during official fuel economy tests.

Economy tests give nothing more than a comparitive guide to fuel economy, a car gets 32.4mpg in the official test will not necessarily do 32.4 miles for every gallon of fuel you use.

The most efficient range of engine speeds depends very much on the individual car, but a good guide is that a petrol-engined car will operate economically between 2000 and 4000rpm, while a turbo diesel will do so between 1500 and 2500rpm.

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Courtesy Car

Whenever possible Bellsburn Motor Services offer a courtesy car for customer use. We aim to minimise inconvenience while your car is being serviced or MOT'd.

Service Reminders

Once your car has been logged into our system we automatically generate reminders which are sent to you to give advanced notice of events concerning your vehicle.

Service History

We also retain a service history for your vehicle enabling us to provide the best possible maintenance and care for your car. At Bellsburn Motor Services we value your car and your custom.